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The ultimate Enterprise Sales and Marketing partner for rapid growth SaaS

Expedeck helps software startups sell to new enterprise customers, faster.


Hi there

I'm Charlie, the Founder of Expedeck. I lead Expedeck with my 11 years Tech & Consulting experience, largely accrued at Accenture. I'm passionate about helping innovative software startups scale up by empowering their expansion into new enterprise level customers. I'm someone who can speak both "business" and "tech".

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Could Expedeck Consulting help
your software business?


•  Your priority is massive growth; targeting and landing enterprise size customers

•  Your product is relevant to enterprise customers across multiple industry verticals

• Your customers have become more and more complex in terms of both the buying process and the use case


•  Each enterprise customer has its own complex and often industry-specific business problems and language

•  Enterprise customers need to understand your product in their own language and context in order to see the value of it as a solution for their specific use case


•  Your go to market teams now need to pitch your product in a way that targets the nuanced business problem of any target enterprise business
•  Your go to market teams know how to sell your product but do not have the time to personalise the pitch for every enterprise conversation





Expedeck Consulting helps SaaS scale up with enterprise customers. With a decade of experience selling and delivering SaaS technology to enterprise customers, Expedeck is a leading provider of go to market business solutions, tailored by industry, for companies ready to scale.


Today Expedeck Consulting offers smart, customer-ready content to startups worldwide. Expedeck Consulting curates the value proposition for your product’s priority use cases. Our business-led, insight-rich go to market content enables sales and marketing to be more effective with enterprise customers. It empowers them to demonstrate situational relevance in enterprise conversations - ultimately accelerating your enterprise sales journey.


Expedeck solutions have been developed by working closely with startup sales, marketing and partner teams - as well as attending and presenting at startups' own customer meetings. First hand experience has and will continue to help evolve the Expedeck product.


Get in touch today to learn more about how Expedeck can help you.


Expedeck Consulting Products

"Sell the problem you solve, not the product you've made"


At Expedeck, we are obsessed with scaling up. And the more we can scale, the more you can scale. So we are also working on scaling ourselves by embedding our deep experience and knowledge into an AI-powered platform.


With access to this platform, you will be able to generate new sales pitch decks, marketing blogs and white papers on demand in just a few clicks.


That means you'll be able to generate a new, customised pitch or blog or whitepaper for a specific customer, in a specific industry, and covering a new product feature, at any time, from anywhere.


Now how does that sound for scale?

Watch this space; we're working on it.

Connecting Dots



We also offer an outreach tool that helps you to make new connections on LinkedIn using personalised connection requests and follow-up messages. The more you can resonate with your potential customers, the more likely they will pay attention to your product or service. Make every touchpoint count, at scale. And it's all done for you, while you work!


This is what Expedeck customers say

Notepad on Desk

Product Marketing Director & Partner Sales Director,
Series C Startup

"This [blog] is an amazing piece of writing, we're very impressed (as always). Well done!"


Marketing VP,
Series D Startup

"WOW! These are literally the most interesting pieces we've ever had. I read them all in one sitting, and learned, and it challenged some of my thinking with data and insights. AMAZING. Can we please figure out how to get everyone to read these? They are incredible."


Sales Regional Lead,
Series C Startup

"Best presentation that I've seen to date on Entity Resolution...would be great to invite her for a follow-on webinar for those that didn't attend...her messaging was really well done!"


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