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Fighting the recession: Here are 3 ways to increase the Conversion Rate of Enterprise Sales meetings

Here’s the situation:

- A key target enterprise customer has finally agreed to a first meeting

- A warm introduction was made, so expectations are high on both sides

- This could be a huge opportunity – and a major contributor to hitting target this FY

In theory:

a) Your pitch has been well rehearsed in a number of other prospect meetings

b) The target customer will be able to translate how your product would be useful for their own business need(s)

c) Centrally created pitch content is available for reuse, which will save time

But in practice:

a) Rehearsing the pitch has built product (not customer) knowledge, and more technical questions still need to be fielded by pre-sales

b) Enterprise customers seem to expect you to position the product within their specific context – for their easier comprehension

c) The central content available is generic and has not landed particularly effectively before

Why it’s hard for Sales:

- Sales is a numbers and relationships game - and the best sales people focus on doing both of these really well

- The more prospect meetings the better, but high volumes of meetings come at the expense of preparation time and upskill

- Enterprise customer expectations require diligent preparation plus knowledge of tech architecture and implementation processes

What this means for Sales:

✘ When big opportunities with target enterprise customers come around, it’s not always easy to capitalise on them

✘ Often it can feel like meetings make little progress - and even with follow-up meetings, the prospect’s attention slowly wanes

✘ Pipeline tracking vs target is volatile and difficult to manage – with enterprise size opportunities shifting out continuously

Sales have much more control when armed with the following:

✔ Compelling context (incl. stats) relevant to the prospect’s specific company and industry, to peak attention & demonstrate relevance

✔ Persuasive positioning for your product as the best solution for this customer’s specific and recognised business need(s)

✔ Great content to hand that lays all of this out powerfully in a customer-ready pitch

This is what Expedeck does to help Sales:

  1. Generates insight tailored to customer and/or industry, through an intensive ‘finger on the pulse’ research process

  2. Curates the storyline that positions your product as the most valuable solution available for your prospect’s priority business need(s)

  3. Designs and builds powerful customer pitches, blogs and whitepapers based on the researched insight and curated storyline

Reach out to find out more:

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